This monday would of been my Grandads 89th birthday. As much as I love and miss my grandad I don't miss him specifically more on special days but I know Grandma does and when my little sister said she was going to visit that day I knew that I wanted to try and help brighten Grandma's day a bit too. We didn't tell her that Alex and I were going and we hid down the street until my younger sisters had gone in and then we went and knocked on the door and waited and waited and waited some more until finally she heard the door! She was so surprised and even wondered if I knew that Roxx and Zoe were already there. It was nice to cheer her up a little and we even took her a little picnic to save her making food like she normally does.
Next time I will take my proper camera and not just my camera phone, the lighting wasn't great but I would of felt bad asking Grandma to move.
It was nice to spend the day with these 3 as well and all in all Alex was very well behaved, even if she did try to show my boobs to numerous people all day whether feeding or not!
It was an early start and Alex clearly knew it but soon woke up to play once we got on the train. She was so good she even sat nicely with Grandma for a while. She got her own seat on the train on her way home as it was fairly quiet, cheeky sausage thought it was brilliant. She even refused to go to sleep in the wrap though because she was so excited to see her Aunties. Stu offered me some chocolate when we got home and when I turned round the little monkey had already grabbed it and was staring at me like she owned it! 
Hope you've all had a lovely week?

Much  Love Emma x

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